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HLB International

Brand strategy and purpose
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HLB International is an independent global accountancy network of over 260 member firms across 150 countries. They exist to support their members in providing global resource of financial expertise to their clients, helping them to access new markets, and thrive in international trade.

HLB brought us in to help them refine and express their purpose and then define their key messages in order to give them a differentiated market offer.

Our discovery process involved a series of interviews and workshops with HLB and their members internationally. This enabled us to untangle the DNA of the organisation and find the common strands that made them unique in the marketplace. It established a common purpose that allowed us to define a brand platform that was applicable to every member and every market.

We then worked to bring the purpose and positioning to life by reinvigorating their brand expression across all the different and varied communications channels and supplied brand toolkits to the different members to allow them to bring the brand to life throughout the network.