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We collaborate with clients to find clarity and discover brand purpose. What do they want to be famous for? What are the facts on which the business is built? We do that with workshops that investigate the things that clients “didn’t know they knew” and often find ourselves asking the difficult questions that will enable us to discover brand truths. Think of it as brand therapy. It’s a solid understanding of a brand and the client’s business objectives that form the foundation for everything we do.

We ensure that all of the stakeholders are involved. In our view collaboration and the sharing of ideas is the only way to truly unveil brand truths and discover business DNA. With everyone involved we can discover a shared brand purpose that can provide, not only marketing, but the whole business with a shared focus.


The foundation of a strong brand is a clearly defined proposition that is articulated to potential and existing customers. Our What Really Matters brand process helps businesses to define their proposition and purpose and to better understand how and what to communicate.

We believe that a successful strategy is based on collaboration with all stakeholders. We’re experts at facilitating opinion and input from different departments through to local markets around the world to ensure that the process is focused and fully adopted by everybody involved.


This stage we define the brand and identify the positioning it should occupy in its market. Why is the brand different from the competition? What unique claims can it make? We offer different possibilities that we debate as a team before refining the correct solution for the business.


We create brand books to definitively define the brand purpose, strategy, values, and personality. It’s a one-stop rallying cry to everyone that works with the brand, so that we can be sure that there’s brand synergy at every single trade and consumer touch-point.


Brand identity is more than a logo and colour scheme. It’s about making sure that every element of customer communication articulates and projects your brand promise and builds awareness of your business.
visual and
verbal identity

Bringing your brand strategy to life through a compelling brand identity is what we love. Logo, colour scheme, typography, image and graphic styles, tone of voice and animated graphics are all part of the mix.


Continuity is one of the pillars of a great brand. We understand that many stakeholders may need to create assets as part of business operations. That’s why we create comprehensive brand guidelines and toolkits that provide everything you need to keep your brand image sharp.

and roll-out

For many of our clients, we help them launch their identity, both internally and externally, using the opportunity to put themselves front of mind with clients, customers and within their industry sector.

creative ideas
and content

Being able to reach potential customers is critical to growing your business. We work to ensure our clients deliver creative and engaging messages to their target audience.
content creation

As the saying goes, “content is King”. Creating attention grabbing and engaging messages that can be delivered across all relevant communication channels is one of the core skills we deploy for our clients.

communication programs

As well as ongoing foundational communications, we also develop multi-channel communication programs in support of specific business needs such as product launches, promotions and business events.

tracking and improvement

If you can’t, measure it, you can’t manage it. Tracking and analysis tell us what to do more of, and what to do less of, ensuring we make our client’s budgets deliver the biggest bang for their buck possible.


“Urbane have helped us with both our Fruitickles and Brain Blasterz brands. They’ve helped us to clarify, define and articulate both brands. The processes have been enormously insightful and inspiring!”

Emily Howarth, Bon Bon Buddies

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